The Clergymen arrive in Durinbar. The witch Antoinette can't seem to die, despite the attempts of the townspeople. The Clergymen are here to help, but they don't seem wanted by the people of Durinbar or it's leader, Bishop Martin. Tensions are still high amongst our heroes, will the pull through and work together? Or will this be there last case, the case of The Immortal Woman.

Begrudgingly, Herodias is brought back to the The Clergymen. With the lost lamb brought back again, some members are more than eager to give Herodias an earful. Can Ezra keep his flock together? Especially as the are about to embark on a new case, the case of The Immortal Woman.

After the train has pulled from the station Herodias debates on what she should do until their next train arrives. Her thoughts are quickly consumed; however by Fredia Schüler and she instead chooses to seek sanctuary with her previous night's lover. Herodias' paradise doesn't last as soon Silas finds her. Will he be able to convince the lamb to return to the Clergymen? Or will she instead choose to seek a life outside the church?

Time ticks by as the Clergymen wait for Herodias at the Ulm Hauptbahnhof. If the train departs without them the Undertaker will slip past them once more, but with their Lamb removed from the Clergymen, who will take her role? Will they wait and let the Undertaker continue to slaughter rural Europe? Or will they abandon one of their flock to peruse him?

An introduction to the first episode of the clergymen. The audio drama contains two acts and a total of 11 scenes. If you enjoy this rough first attempt at the story please continue to stop by. I am proud to say the hard work of everyone on this project only continues to grow exponentially and you won't be disappointed. Above all else though enjoy yourself, that is after all that we have worked so hard to attain.


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